Attila Farkas

I never wanted to be an artist. I have never trained professionally as an artist and for the first twenty years of my life, I have looked at art as something weird that should be separated from me and kept under glass. Yet here I am, creating digital art, painting oil paintings inspired by Bob Ross, and my newest form of entertainment is acrylic pouring. My first three or four creations turned so muddy that I had to scrape off most of the paint and wait for the right moment or motivation to start again. A few of my acrylic pours worked out OK and I made some videos. Currently, I have 3 YouTube subscribers on March 26, 2019. I leave this here as a reminder to see where I started. My art journey started in 1990 with a television show about Bob Ross and his mesmerizing oil paintings. I was not sure why I felt the urge to pick up a paintbrush and make the whole house smell like turpentine; however, I was putting some colors on the canvas and was able to beat the devil out of the paintbrush while cleaning it and that was enough for me. The paintings were far from perfect but creating art has turned into a form of relaxation. Relaxation has turned into inspiration, inspiration has turned into desperation when I  had a vision that I had to paint. It was not a nice picture of a mountain or a lake or even a flower. It was something else. Instead of telling you what it was I would like to show you. I will write about this process later, for now, let me finish my introduction. I am a computer software instructor, training mainly adults and was successfully mentored 5000 people in the last 20 years. I am also trained as a Biology and Physical Education teacher. In my spare time, I experiment with web design ideas and would like to introduce a few websites I have created. Twenty years ago it was not this easy. Today, WIX and other programs help you create a site in minutes.

Thank you for reading my introduction and visiting my site. Please stay in touch and follow me on my journey as an enviro artist.

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