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Ocean Cleanup. Let's agree on something!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Before we even start arguing about global warming or carbon taxes, let's agree on something. Humans have dumped Millions of tons of plastics into the ocean, ever-since we started producing plastics. This activity has produced billions of pieces of plastics, some are the size of water bottles; however, billions of them are the size of plankton.

This is a direct quote from an educational website, referencing research from the Academy of Science:

" In a more direct route, boaters may dump their trash right into the sea. In the past, this has been the main cause of plastics in the ocean. In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences estimated that 14 billion pounds of garbage was being dumped into the ocean every year. That's more than 1.5 million pounds per hour. More than 85% of this trash was estimated to come from the world's merchant shipping fleet in the form of cargo-associated wastes. According to the Academy, the United States could be the source of approximately one third of this ocean pollution.

Fortunately, since the last day of 1988, it has been illegal for ships to dump plastics into the ocean. But that law is difficult to enforce, and cannot account for the thousands of miles of driftnets and other gear set by fishermen, which can ensnare and kill birds diving for the fish below, or come loose, only to be discovered later by an unfortunate humpback whale." Source: https://www.whoi.edu/science/B/people/kamaral/plasticsarticle.html

Please do not focus on global warming alone. The biggest problem with global warming is... The warming part. The word warming itself does not describe or represent the complexity and dangers resulting from the toxic by-products of worldwide manufacturing processes, fossil fuel burning, transportation, and other man made production. Mother's milk is warm, or if it is not you should warm it up. Warming up to a new idea, or under your favorite blanket, next to a campfire. Butterflies warm up their wings in the morning sun, before they collect nectar from your garden. Warming does not rhyme with Hydrochloric acid, Mercury, Sulphur dioxide or Hexachlorobenzene.

Let's agree on something. We should invest a significant portion of our energy and resources to clean up our oceans as much as we can. Companies, countries, and organizations that contributed to this problem should start investing in solutions. We can also start using social media to help us work together on this and other significant challenges.

It's time to use Social Media as a Tool to help us live better and cleaner.

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